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Nearly all women said particular LMP schedules (56%) if you are 21

Nearly all women said particular LMP schedules (56%) if you are 21


Of the original 1 500 women, 1 342 were suitable for this analysis (666 in the control group and 676 in the study group). The following were excluded: twins ( n= 17), prenatally detected fetal anomaly ( n= 9), early pregnancy loss ( n= 18), asymmetric fetal biometry on 1st US ( n= 5), later confirmed as not pregnant ( n= 13), and dating information not available ( n= 30) or insufficient ( n= 66). The mean age was 25.3 (SD ±5.4) years; the mean BMI was 26.2 (SD ±6.0) kg/m 2 ; and 23% of women were obese (Table 1). By best clinical estimate, 61.3% booked before 24 weeks. 9% were uncertain. The change in policy increased exposure to any US from 62.5% to 88.9% of women. Exposure to the 1st US at 24 weeks from 7.2% to 23.8% ( p <0.001).>

Fig. 1. Percentage of women with large differences between GA according to US or FH, for different BMI categories. (For BMI >30 kg/m2 v. ?25 kg/m2 at ?14 days, p 25 kg/m2 v. ?25 kg/ m2 at ?21 days, p <0.01.)

Effects, discussed according to the latest GA during the delivery, was analysed in all girls which have known Put and you will BW and stratified based on United states coverage (Dining table 2). They featured you to pre-otherwise blog post-name shipments and you will LGA infants happened alot more frequently in females who had been perhaps not scanned than those have been ( p =0.03, p

Fig 2. Part of female bringing within two weeks of birth time predict by some other dating strategies with recognized go out out of beginning, impulsive start of labor and you can BW ?dos five hundred grams. (For people v. LMP, FH and you will medical forever durations, p

Fig step three. Percentage of people bringing within this two weeks of your own beginning date predicted from the some other matchmaking strategies, having known date away from beginning, natural start of work and you will BW ?2 five hundred g. (For us three days, p 0.05.)

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