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Discover more about brand new misconception of your own Danaides

Discover more about brand new misconception of your own Danaides

The fresh misconception regarding Danaides ‘s the facts from fifty women that going an awful wrongdoing: guided of the their father, all of them eliminate the husbands on their wedding evening! This great massacre is actually amazing, for even the fresh soft ancient greek language myths. It absolutely was a crime one one another somebody and you can gods carry out punish. In reality, the Danaides had been penalized for this shortly after its death with good awful and you can endless torment.

The storyline regarding Danaides starts with the new competition amongst the dual sons out-of Belus, the queen of Egypt. Belus was considered a good descendant off Io, an excellent princess from Argos which stayed the majority of the lady lifetime during the Egypt. Belus got one or two sons, Danaus and Aegyptus. When Belus passed away, the guy purchased Danaus king away from Libya and you will Aegyptus, king away from Arabia. Both brothers had regular rivalries more than its kingdoms and you can where seeking one to have the other’s homes.

Many fascinating truth regarding the such brothers is their progeny. This new misconception states that Danaus had 50 girl, known as the Danaides, from five various other female, if you find yourself Aegyptus had fifty sons. The newest smart Aegyptus wanted to get his sons partnered on Danaides. Having Aegyptus, these types of fifty marriage ceremonies looked since the a straightforward route to find the functions off Danaus. Danaus in the future understood the program out-of his sis and you may was not prepared to give-up their beautiful girl so you’re able to his dirty nephews.

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Cá nhân, tổ chức sử dụng dấu hiệu VIETLAW cho nhóm dịch vụ 42 khi chưa được phép của VIETLAW là hành vi xâm phạm quyền đối với nhãn hiệu được bảo hộ.


VIETLAW is the trading name of Du Nguyen Law Office – Vietlaw (Certificate of operation of VPLS No. 41.01.0618 / TP / DKHĐ), and VIETLAW has been granted protection title by the National Office of Intellectual Property: service curing in Court, legal trespassing and legal services.

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